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Aftercare for Auto Ceramic Coating

Congratulations on being proactive and protecting your vehicle with a ceramic coating installation. Certified Ceramics installed coatings protects your vehicle's factory installed clear coat, extending the life span by many more years while keeping it looking factory fresh.

While ceramic coatings are much more resilient than clear coat it will wear naturally over time as it shields your vehicles clear coat from contaminants, road debris, and the elements. Following the procedures below will maximize and even extend the lifespan of your Certified Ceramics installed coating.

Post Installation Guidelines

90% of curing occurs within the first hour after the ceramic coating installation. It then takes an additional 10-14 days for final curing and hardening to take full effect. To give your new coating the best start follow these guidelines during this period:

  • Exposure to Water. Rain will not affect the coating as the high quality ceramic use by Certified Ceramics will not be affected from clean rain water. Sprinklers however should be avoided as the municipal water sources can contain contaminants that can lead to water spotting.

  • Do NOT wash your vehicle for at least 10 days. Municipal water sources and soaps may disrupt the final cure and lead to spotting.

  • Avoid parking under trees. Tree sap can etch onto ceramic that has not fully cured.

Ceramic Coating Wash Schedule

Ceramic coats repel contaminants that get on your vehicles coats, making them less able to bond and easier to remove. While less maintenance is required than uncoated vehicles it is still important to have a wash schedule to remove contaminants that will degrade the ceramic coating, reducing its life span.

Weekly Rinse off. Simple rinse downs with a hose will remove most contaminants. Afterwards dry vehicle with microfiber cloth or blow gun. Even heavy rain is enough to remove most contaminants.

Recommend Products:

Monthly Wash. Monthly washes are important for removing the contaminants that regulars rinse cannot remove. The 2 best options are contactless carwashes and home hand washes.

Certified Ceramics Maintenance Washes:

  • Take the guess work out of maintaining your ceramic coating by setting a maintenance schedule with us.

  • Our services include full exterior details with treatments to keep your ceramic coating as good as the day it was installed.

  • Head over to our Contact Page and select "I would like maintenance services." to reach out for an appointment.

Contactless Carwashes:

  • Find carwashes using pressure washers, foam cannons.

  • Avoid facilities that use rotating brushes or other contact methods.

  • Avoid Wax applications. This will make the coating lose its contaminant repellant properties.

  • Recommend use of large drying towel prior to leaving facility.

Self-operated facilities:

  • Start by pre-rinsing with water (no soap) to remove debris.

  • Once all debris are removed select high-pressure soap and apply to entire vehicle. Let the soap sit for a few minutes. DO NOT USE any brushes provided at the location.

  • Wash off soap with water, If available use spot-free low pressure water.

  • Dry with a large microfiber cloth or facility blower prior to leaving.

  • DO NOT USE any wax treatments.

Home hand wash:

  • For best results use the 2 bucket method.

  • Have one bucket contain fresh water and the other contain water with a mild pH-neutral soap.

  • Pre-Rinse the vehicle with water

  • Wash the wheels first with a dedicated washing mitt. Do not reuse the same mitt or buckets used in wheel washing for the rest of the vehicle as the brake dust could contaminate the vehicle coat.

  • When washing first dip mitt in soapy water, wash the wheels, then clean mitt in clean water bucket to avoid cross contamination.

  • After wheels are clean repeat this procedure for the rest of the vehicle using fresh mitt and buckets.

  • Rinse vehicle and dry with microfiber cloth or blow dryer.

Recommended Products:

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